Autodiscover traffic

Hi All,
I am trying to troubleshoot a system for my employer. He has a DCS Rossini. He cannot seem to autodiscover the music box from his phone. His phone and the box are on different subnets but there are no rules blocking any tcp or udp traffic between these two subnets. CAn anyone help me to understand why this could be happening? How does the autodiscover work?

Thanks for any assistance.

Mosaic relies on the SSDP protocol for service discovery of the dCS components on the network.

SSDP uses UDP-based Multicast packets, and as such, having Mosaic sitting on a different subnet from your dCS component won’t work since multicast packets typically don’t traverse different IP subnets (unless you have IP Multicast routing enabled between the subnets).

Putting Mosaic and the Rossini on the same subnet will solve your problem.