Authorized Service Agents

I would like to know if dCS dealers are considered authorized service agents. Are dCS dealers authorized to open units to make minor repairs?

If you read the warranty information on p.48 of your Bartok’s manual it advises you on what to do should you have problems with the unit. You should first contact your dealer who should advise you on the action to be taken. It continues that if they cannot resolve the issue you should contact your national dCS distributor.

Note that the warranty therefore specifically provides that the dealer should try to fix the issue first. In ordinary use of the language it seems to me that must include opening the unit to carry out a repair particularly as there is no caveat made in respect of this. The conditions of any agreement between the dealer and the national distributor or dCS are , of course, unknown to us.

Only if the dealer is unable to fix the issue is the next stage of referral to the national distributor commenced. That being the stated advice of dCS your warranty should not be at risk if that is your concern.

Of course dealers will be aware that certain issues are, even at first sight, unlikely to be fixable within their means due to the complexity of the machines. Therefore the advice may involve an immediate return to the distributor via the dealer.

Does anyone from dCS wish to expand on this?

NB: Is this still about the rubbing volume control that you reported in August?

Hi Pete, thanks for the detailed reply. I had contacted my dealer, and they recommended bringing the Bartok in because they believe the issue can be resolved by “opening up the unit and adjusting a screw that aligns the rotary knob”. I am very hesitant to have my dealer open the unit for multiple reasons. So I feel like I’m stuck living with this condition.

You do not say what they are so it is not possible to consider if there is some compromise available. That is exacerbated as we do not even know what country you are in ( it helps if this information is included in your profile). In fact we don’t know if the dealer that you bought it from is an official dCS agent.

As I said a couple of months ago that sticking volume control should not be happening and, given the time that has elapsed, I would have expected the unit to have been fixed or replaced by now.

There are only two alternatives, either he unit is dealt with or you will have to live with it. If you are unwilling to pursue a route to have it fixed then there is little that can be done to help. Perhaps you have good reasons for distrusting the dealer in which case I would suggest that you contact your national distributor or dCS direct, explain the situation, why you are unwilling to have the dealer involved and see what they suggest.

I am located in the United States, and the dealer is an official dCS dealer. I’d rather not disclose the dealer information, but yes, I do have trust issues with the guy. You’re right, there are really two options: live with it, or get the unit fixed. But I do not like the path of getting it fixed because the dealer insists on having them open the unit and do the service. Hence my dilemma…

Well, as I said, given your reservations with the dealer you may need to try to short circuit the specified repair path by contacting dCS Americas direct if you can explain to them why you believe that dealer involvement would not be appropriate for you. For all I know you might also be providing them with some useful feedback.