Audirvana DAC Settings

I am trying to checkout if I can migrate to Audirvana away from Roon? Mainly for the possible improvement of the audio quality. The platform provides a number of setting options for your DAC. What are the best option setting for LINA DAC? And how does Lina handle DSD , I know it plays the files but Im not sure what to id in Audirvana setting under dac? Is there a Lina auto set up as I know DCS is or has worked with them etc?

Anthony, as I mentioned in the other thread, once you select your dCS component from your Audirvana Studio App, it will automatically detect the DAC and configure itself appropriately (including the Lina).

You can override the configuration manually if you choose to;

If your Audirvana Studio App is not detecting your Lina stack, then you either have a problem with your home network, or the Audirvana app itself, in which case you should post on the Audirvana forum and ask for assistance.

Thank you, only issue remaining is that tracks just keeping jumping mid track to other tracks?

Nope, I don’t encounter any track skipping issue, on local tracks or streaming services - Audirvana Studio version 2.8.2 (20802).

If you’re using the same version, and your Lina firmware is up to date (1.4.3-513), and you’re experiencing track skipping, the only logical conclusion is that you have some network/Internet problem in your setup I’m afraid.

Not likely, no issues playing back on all other streaming services?moasic tidal, Qobuz all streaming fine

If thats the case, you should escalate to Audirvana support.

thx I have

I have contacted them, it is recognizing Lina Other issue are noise like tape hiss? and jumping tracks?