Apple Music lossless & high-res streaming - how will it be handled?

For those in the Apple ecosystem, especially with families, it makes no sense to not have the Apple One plan, as Greg also mentioned. I haven’t yet tried a single lossless or high-res track on Apple Music, but will do so later in the week hopefully. Might even take my kid’s macbook and try 192 files via USB to see what gives.

I can just imagine Roon pulling their hair out trying to insist that Apple needs to feed them with daily database updates in the format that Roon wants. :rofl:

:rofl: Yeah, if they thought Spotify was difficult…….

Has anyone tried feeding Apple Music to their dCS from an iDevice via USB? A friend on the Naim forum is reporting that he is rather happy.


Tried my iPhone to Bartok the other day, worked rather well, albeit a little clumsy with the Apple lightning adapter.

Thank you for the reply. While I realize there are different masterings I wonder how it sounded via USB input vs. the same 24/96 streamed via Ethernet by way of Tidal or Qobuz.


I haven’t done any real sonic comparisons as such (in the case of that that Art Blakey album, on Qobuz it’s in 24/192, whereas on Apple Music its 24/96, so not quite a fair comparison).

By the way, for people who want to use an iDevice on a more permanent basis with their dCS, the Apple Lightning Docking Station works quite nicely! :+1:t2: