Apple airplay to Vivaldi Upsampler

I have recently been using airplay to access BBC Sounds. Worked fine , no problems.

Today I tried to use it and on opening blue tooth on my ipad, instead of seeing the Vivaldi Upsampler listed as a device for pairing, all I am getting is a buffering icon as if it is searching. No devices listed.

Network input on Upsampler is otherwise working fine.

Any ideas?

Odd. I routinely Airplay to my Upsampler now—especially once I paid attention to the fact that the AppleTV saw it as a speaker choice and they the sync is spot on—from a variety of devices, but I never have to select or pair with the Upsampler in my Bluetooth settings. It just shows up as an Airplay option in whatever app I am running. I can confirm that if I look for it though in my Bluetooth settings, it never shows up.

Airplay doesn’t use Bluetooth, it uses the WiFi connection.

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Pete, not via Bluetooth, it’s Airplay over WiFi from your iPad; Swipe down from the top right corner of your screen, you should see the little Airplay icon in the “now playing” box. Click that airplay icon and it’ll take you to the device selection.

Thanks Paul and Anup. Well I’ll be …

Actually I am a relative newcomer to anything Apple and spend ages confused. BTW, that latter comment isn’t anything necessarily to do with Apple. Just my normal state of being :thinking:

I’m with you there, Pete - took me a while too to cotton on to the fact that concept-wise, Airplay really looks like a Bluetooth type of thing but it really isn’t :wink: