App Sync/Streaming Issue

I have a Rossini with the following:
App version: 1.4.1 (146)
Front Panel: 2.03
Control Board: 2.03
Network Board: 1.2.0 (507)

There appears to be an issue with the Mosaic app’s streaming functions.

When I click on my Rossini, which shows up as a device in the app, the usual menu of streaming and other audio sources appears. I go in through my Tidal account, and make a music selection.

Nothing plays. The initial song I chose appears on the display screen but never plays. The play button in the app greys out. I can navigate elsewhere and attempt to play another song (‘play next’) but it does not play, and the first song info still appears on the display. Quitting the app and restarting does not solve the issue. Changing the input source to my TV (spdif3) from Ethernet does indeed get TV audio to work, but then back to Ethernet and the situation again is there waiting for me.

I thought maybe a software update could be in order, and indeed the app found a new version of software and downloaded it, but it fails and says “Error processing update. Please contact dCS.”

So, here we are - recommendation taken.

Thanks in advance.

Ben, you’re about a year behind in firmware updates, so, as a priority I’d highly recommend that you get that sorted before you debug the Tidal issue you seem to have.

For the firmware update, temporarily disable any firewall you might have on your Internet broadband line. Then first Power reset your Rossini. Once Mosaic Control is able to see it again, try the software update once more.

If it continues to fail, you really should contact your dealer, or email [email protected]


Just for clarity that means switch off your Rossini from the rear panel. Wait thirty seconds or so before you switch back on then select the update sequence from Mosaic.

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Omg…the button on the back. May have a bruise on my forehead from my palm hitting it.

It fixed everything. Turned it back on, was able to install the software updates, Tidal works fine now, upgraded to all the latest versions.

Thanks for the help - hope dCS compensates you well for your services :slight_smile:

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