Apex software identification

I have just received my upgraded Apex Vivaldi One.
Mosaic and Device display identifies it as Vivaldi One, same as before the upgrade.
Is there a way to identify Apex in Mosaic or in the device itself?
I mean by firmware/software, the external rear plate, of course, says Apex.
I can’t tell about sound because it has only a few minutes of use.


The only way that it would get an APEX rear panel is if it were fitted with an APEX DAC as the two go together - they’re not available separately.

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No doubt it is Apex, my question is:
Is there a way to identify Apex in Mosaic or in the device itself (options dispay)?
I mean by firmware/software.
No big deal, just curious about that.

in Mosaic you can go to Support\Versions to see the software and firmware versions.

Nothing there that indicates Apex version.
I guess that the “code” that indicates Apex version may be in the extended serial number, not displayed in Mosaic, but in the device display.
Or maybe simply there is nothing that indicates Apex Version, just curious about that.
I have no doubts about the upgrade, sure it is properly done, since it is done at dCS headquarters.
I’m NOT suspicious, not at all, just curious :slight_smile:
I will be able to sleep well if I don’t get an answer :grinning:

The APEX upgrade is a swap of ring DAC daughter card inside the device. DCS would have to confirm, but I have a feeling there’s no way to tell in the software what hardware revision of that card is installed.

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The only way aside from looking at the board itself is to look for the APEX designation on the rear panel.

There is no firmware change, so there is no way to tell from software.

I’ve said before that I wish the upgrade came with a firmware change so the device would boot up and say APEX, but since the software wasn’t modified, there’s no real way to do that.