Any one using vitus amplifiers?

Currently, I have set the input sensitivity of my Vitus to 4V and the output in Bartók to 2V.
Will setting 6V in Bartók and 8V in SIA 025 be a better choice?
If I think well, it should be a bit louder with the same level of gain?
Regards RobertCurrently, I have set the input sensitivity to 4V and the output in Bartók to 2V.
Will setting 6V in Bartók and 8V in SIA 025 be a better choice?
If I think well, it should be a bit louder with the same level of gain?
Regards Robert**

I would say, yes definitely.
The vitus sia025 will be fine and sound a bit better doing this, plus you will have a bit more class A volume in the tank, before you go into class B.

I decided last night that my naim 500/552 was going in favour off the vitus, the class A is just so nice in comparison to the naim sound.

Amazing! For the future, you may want to consider some Stillpoints under the Vitus. Both companies have mutual admiration as you will see in their pictures of shows.


Using them already

Cool. Me too!

I received my Bartok today and it is playing through my Vitus SS-010. Am delighted to be a part of this community and, while it’s very early in my listening, so far so great!


Can someone explain why Bartok set at 6v and sia025 set at 8v respectively is better than Bartok at 2v and sia025 at 4v? Interested in any feedback.


I’m also interested in the answer to this question. Especially since my Vitus Audio dealer recommends using 2v on Bartók and 4V for Vitus.
Regards Robert

Well after having the vitus sia025 for 2 weeks and trying different settings, i preferred the vitus on 8v and rossini on 6v. But as long as the vitus is set higher all should be fine.
But if you are using just class A, obviously the lower input voltage will mean more volume will be needed to get the same volume level, the way the vitus works, a more demanding load helps it and i guess making it work harder achieves this? But for me and my fact 12’s already being a hard speaker to drive the high settings proved to be better, but if you have easy speakers to drive then using the lower voltage could well be better.

Just to add, i didnt go through with the vitus in the end and decided to keep my 500 and 552. As i found the extra detail i got from the vitus, wasn’t enough for me over all the negatives the vitus had.

what were the negatives?

This is what i posted on the naim forum

The advantage the vitus has is more detail and wider sound stage, that is for sure.
True balanced amp, with dual mono design.
Just one box is so easy and less cables and racking.
Price ?
But its disadvantages are, it has less bass weight and prat.
Its runs warm and then hot in class A
Its volume clicks when you adjust it up or down.
Doesn’t hold its price very well, plus some early models failed and the owners left in the lurch, somewhat.

But it did draw me in, but then i realised it was only really doing that on certain tracks and that i was only really listening to them and nothing else, in A/B mode it only really lost a bit off top end and lost its more warm sound, but once again to really get this to sing, 30 minutes wasn’t enough and its more like hours and seems to get better the longer it ran in class A, the problem with that is heat and boy does it do that well in class A, i could have lived with it in class A/B, but i couldn’t leave it in A all the time, and so it really made class A, a waste off time for most of the time.
Also the more i looked into it and found out more, i could see a pattern, in that quite a few had moved on after a year and struggled to sell it, and all taking bit hits, about £10k, that started alarm bells, as i have been happy with naim for over 20 years, plus it has a great second hand value.
Also being told that my speakers wouldn’t be ideal, also sat on my mind, big time, as i love them and even though they sounded great to me, being told that they aren’t helping, wasn’t great. I didn’t mind changing cables etc, as after all these are geared up for naim more so anyway, but my speaker’s errrr.
With that on my mind and knowing that i really couldn’t even think about speakers for atleast a year if not 2, i knew that would also bug me.
Then the final thing was trying it once again, and feel very lucky now that things hadn’t gone to plan with cables etc, as if not it would all be gone, as once i got it all cabled up, i just sat there thinking what am i doing.

Thanks. Sensible and useful observations.

Duncan, the “practicalities” - good service should things go wrong, heat generation and time to warm up, second hand value - are all things I also think about when I’m contemplating a purchase. I for one would interested to hear what amp you consider next, and I rather expect you might be considering…

I have been curious about Parasound (there’s a review of the latest version of their monoblock amps in a recent Stereophile), but I’m a bit dubious about the distribution in this country, and they might be hard to re-sell. I’m very happy with my Bryston - satisfying macro and micro dynamics (same as prat?) - but probably you are looking for something beyond that. I have a friend with a Vivaldi stack who rejected Bryston on sound quality grounds in favour of TAD mono blocks (weird looking, crazy price). He previously had a Krell FBP(?) series, driving two of the very large and brutal looking PMC 3-way stand mount speakers he has in his main system. Good luck.

Revive this old topic. I’m in the process of ditching my Naim stack of amps to reduce box count.

There are 2 routes :

  1. get a super integrated amp, like Vitus RI101 MK2

  2. Get a power amp and to be driven direct by my Rossini APEX

Just want to hear more opinions from anyone having a combo of dcs and Vitus

Vitus Audio amplifiers are a very interesting solution. I use SIA-025 mkII with Rossini Apex and I am satisfied. Although I’m considering the DanDeAgostino amplifier.

I would just go power amp if you only have one source

Struggling to decide. I can ditch my turntable and FM tuner perhaps. Then 0 need of a pre.

I was in the same situation but couldn’t get rid off my turntable as i just love the way it sounds.
You have probably seen i went with a vitus sia030 integrated in the end, also tried a humbolt, and a vitus sia025.
I like what the vitus brings with the class A, it does add a bit off warmth i feel, but the combination in my system for me just work fantastically.

Are you using a naim pre amp?

Yeah. I have followed your previous thread while you were still having the 552/500.

Mine 252/supercap DR. So these 2 can go 1st no matter what.

Then I can consider how large the itch I have on LPs. If I can live without the turntable, power amp would be the logical choice

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