Android tab pre requsites for mosaic in landscape mode


sorry if any post existing for this but i don’t succeed to find it
want to use mosaic on a 8 or 10 p tab in landscape.
what is the optimum for you cause a 10p tab on the knees is a lot
8 is far more usable

so is 8p enough or 10p mandatory from your point of vue ?

screen resolution:

i saw a dcs post saying
where the short side of the display is at least 1600 pixels of native resolution

[Mosaic FAQ] I’m going to purchase a new mobile device to run Mosaic Control. What do you recommend? - Support / Mosaic FAQs - dCS Community

this resolution seems to go at least for 10 or 11 p tab cause most 8 p are far more 1200*800
1600 minimum on the short side is very high standard ?
shall i read 600 or 1600 ?

many thanks for advices

Hi Pierre,

The Mosaic app has been developed to work best on displays that are “Full HD” (1920x1080) or above.

It will run on lower resolution displays but the user interface when rescaled for those lower resolutions will not give the same experience as a Full HD or greater display.

I hope that helps.

Phil Harris

yes indeed
so it’s 10 p rather than 8p
many thanks Phil