Advice for a power distributor: passive or active?

Hi all, I want to improve my passive distribution unit (currently this one:

Now the choice is: active or passive? My reseller doesn’t want to sell me anything active because he says it reduces sound dynamics.

I’d like to hear your experiences and technical advice; I’ve seen something interesting on the Shunyata site (the Venom Series V6 EU) and also the Cardas Nautilus Power Strip or the Audioquest Niagara 1200. The AC line is dedicated to the hifi system (Rossini Player + Clock and SPEC FX-33 amplifier).

Thank you


Hello @Zapp,

this is just personal experience and not technical advice as I have no expert knowledge about power beyond the basics. I have been happy with the power distributors of Ansuz Acoustics. The first one I installed maybe seven years ago in my then Naim system. They have been with me in several versions ever since. Never missed anything. At the time the majority opinion was that only passive power products preserve the dynamics of a Naim system. Kind of made sense, since Naim places emphasis on dealing with power.

One of our fellow dCS community members @glevethan has added a Torus isolation power transformer to his Naim system recently and is happy. That tells me the technology choice for power conditioning matters and technical development over the years made power conditioning more viable.

Today I am using the Ansuz Mainz8 D·TC Power Distributor with delight. After reading the positive story about the Torus transformer with a Naim system, that is what I will try next. And then see what’s better for my ears and whether it needs the existing power distributor at all.


In my system I use a AQ Niagara 5000, It works fine. The sound was instantly more dynamic, not agressive, but less soft for sure.
That is all I can say, I didn’t spend time comparing with many other devices of that kind…Hope it helps a little bit.

Hope this helps.

I’m happy with the Nordost QB8. It feeds:

  • Rossini Player
  • Rossini Clock
  • Pre amp
  • Mono power amps
  • Linear PSU that feeds 12VDC to an Ethernet switch.

The Nordost took the place of a Crystal Cables block.


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My setup is passive, and I’m very pleased with it.

Nordost QB4 plugged into an Audience aR2p Adept Response for some filtering and surge protection. It’s non-current limiting.