Adding stillpoints

As I use my Iso-Pucks between speaker stand and speaker I haven’t go an answer to your question formed from experience . If it were me I would place them close to the existing feet. You can experiment from that starting point to see whether other positions make a change but, whatever, ensure that they support the base of the Bartok and not just the bottom edges of the side panels.

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Thanks Peter.

Or remove the standard feet and place the new ones in the same place, thats what i have done, looks neater that way i think

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Thanks Duncan :pray:. Is it difficult?

The outer part off the feet unscrew, just turn them and leave behind a base plate that you just un screw the fixing bolt and remove

Hi guys, I’ve just received a set of ISO-pucks (the pro line) and they don’t sound good at all below my Bartok. Could there be a difference between these and the audio series? Thanks.

Sorry can’t help, i used the iso acoustic orea range, and like what they do

How have you placed them under the unit?
What has changed in the sound, that you dont like now?

Maybe go back to standard and try, see if all comes back, then place the pucks under the standard feet and see how it goes, if you like then, i suggest you remove the standard feet and place the pucks in exactly the same place and see if you like that, as they do suggest that you can experiment on placement.
If not then send them back

On the Iso Acoustic website (, it says that the Iso-puck pro is for studio monitors, guitar/bass amps and subwoofers. So, if these are really made for speakers, I don’t think they would sound good for components.
I would try the Orea instead.