Adding stillpoints

Anybody using stillpoints with their bartok? If yes which one and how much improvement was gained ? Thanks

I had stillpoints, but used them on an amp, the only problem i had was, i didn’t like was the much higher position it caused.
I now use isoacoustic feet between the rossini and clock and clock to shelf, much cheaper, especially as i wanted 8, look nicer and more importantly work.
You can find a pic on here in the show us you set up thread

Dunc, whish one do you use? The Bordeaux?

Yes they are, you can get away with 3, but i found doing that and having them stacked, put alot of the weight on one corner, so i decided to go for 4, this solution worked and looking at the feet they look more equally compacted

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I love isoacoustic pucks( I use the pro Iso-Pucks beneath my speakers) . Huge recommendation.

To clarify, the maximum load quoted by them is per puck, not per set. The weights of the cited Rossini components are :

Rossini DAC = 15.6kg
Rossini Clock = 8.3kg
Rossini DAC +Clock = 23.9kg

So the correct set of 4 pucks for the DAC or the combination of DAC and clock are Indigo ( <7.2kg load /puck). For supporting the clock alone, Bronze is the right puck ( <3.6kg load/puck), unfortunately Graphite just misses the mark ( <1.8kg load/puck).

One useful thing to know is that Isoacoustics make a professional range as well as those for home use. The only basic difference is that the pro range is finished in plain black compared to the home range’s silver metal and the pucks will handle slightly different maximum loads. They are also a lot cheaper and have to be obtained from a studio equipment dealer. The nearest equivalent pucks to Indigos are Iso-Pucks (<9kg/puck) but the clock could be supported by Iso-Puck Mini (<2.75kg/puck).

A set of 4 Bordeaux is good for a load of 58kg. The biggest pro model is Iso-Puck 76 and 4 of them will handle > 72kg.


Yes you could go down to the smaller ones, but as i said i started with just 3 Bordeaux under both my rossini and clock, using the standard rossini feet, cant remember with side was more compacted using just 3 feet, anyway decided to get an extra one to help out, this sorted it, i have since added them to the rossini and obviously wanted it all to match, so a bit over kill, but atleast i know they are well up to holding them both.
But if you do go for them and you do stack them both, definitely go for 4. Also i would definitely say put them on both, as i do feel it has helped

Almost forgot i have the rossini player not dac, this is a bit heavier than the dac only, also might hamper the weight distribution over 3 feet compared to the dac only. Just to clarify.

Pete, I had seen those professional pucks and wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. Thank you for this information. If I didn’t already have Stillpoints on everything else, I would definitely be putting IsoAcoustic pucks under my components. Merrill supplies their current amps with the pro versions, and they do look good. I like their slightly lower profile from the Stillpoints. But I have zero reservations about the Stillpoints. Not cheap, but effective; and in black, in a dark cabinet, they provide a floating effect for components.

Greg, which stillpoints do you use ? I’ve got a Bartok but looking to add to all my components.

Hey Paul. Ultra SS in black.

I had previously used Stillpoints under both my Puccini player and U-clock, and larger ones under my MBL 101mk2 speakers. After comparing them to IsoAcoustics products, I replaced them all with IsoAcoustics pucks under the Puccini and U-clock, and their Gaia under the speakers. The principle of operation of IsoAcoustics is quite different from Stillpoints, so it’s not surprising that there’s a difference. Of course whether that difference is a positive one for your system depends on many factors. For me, IsoAcoustics offers a better and less expensive tweak.

I ordered 4x Isoacoustic Indigo today, do I need to remove the Rossinis‘ feed for that? Or is this not possible?

Probably no need to remove the feet as I think you will find that they are shallower than the Isoacoustics pucks. Otherwise yes the feet can be removed.

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Interesting thread and now the big question - are these pucks (Iso, Stillpoint,HRS etc.) making any difference?

I have Naim Fraim racks holding my 500 series system and my Rossini and Master clock as well. My dealer had me purchase a set of HRS pucks as we thought the Rossini would not fit on the Fraim glass shelf. Turns out it did and the pucks have remained in the box. I am wondering if I should take them out. Unfortunately anyone with Fraim knows experimentation and lifting and removing equipment is not an easy task - nor one I would be looking forward to doing.


Good info. I have the Isoacoustic pucks under my speakers and they make a very noticeable improvement for not much money at all. A bargain!

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Wow… I’m shocked how good such pucks are, never thought that!!!
More 3D, much clearer sound…highly recommend. I have not the best hifi rack (actually it’s a side board) but this gives me a really big update SQ wise. Have 4 IsoAcoustics under Rossini, guess I buy 4 more for the preamp…

Another very happy IsoAcoustics (GAIA I) user — have them under my speakers. Would buy them again, and may one day try their supports under my electronics. For now I’ve got little gummy feet from Herbies, which are also very good.

Would be very interested in how good the Stillpoints are, but probably not enough to swap out what I have at considerable extra expense. Maybe when I’ve upgraded some other things though…

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Ah Herbies. I love those. One of the first such devices I bought back when I was running Decware equipment. I still use them under a couple of components that I can’t thread Stillpoints into, but they will likely be replaced by IsoAcoustic pucks.

Vibrapods anyone?

very cheap :money_mouth_face: and cheerful :grin:

Peter, I’ve just ordered a set of ISO-pucks (pro line) in order to give them a try. Question: where should I place them compared to the existing feet in my Bartok ? Many thanks in advance. Franco

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