Adding a song to a qobuz playlist


I’m Denis from Paris.

Mosaic is very good, but I have trouble adding songs to a Qobuz playlist. When I tap the three dots right next to the song in the queue, I then go to Qobuz, add to playlist, but it won’t show my current playlists or allow me to create a new one: “Error during communication with the server”.

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Denis Leluc

Hi Denis and welcome to the community forum.

I find that the easiest way to build Qobuz playlists or to add favourites is to download the Qobuz desktop player to your computer and build playlist selections or edits there. The process is so easy as you just click the heart icon for favourites or select the playlist option using the three dots to the right hand side of the desired track displayed on the album view page.

Once you have made a selection or edit using the desktop player these will automatically appear in Mosaic. Likewise any changes that you make in Mosaic will also be reflected automatically in the desktop version.

Using the desktop version is also preferable for exploring and adding Qobuz’ own playlists found on the “Discover” page such as the excellent “label stories” series.

Mosaic is great to use for Qobuz during day to day selection and play but the desktop version is superior for exploring Qobuz in full. This includes the curated aspects such as the “News Feeds” or “Panoramas” which can give an insight into unfamiliar areas of music.

So, in short, use the desktop for exploring, Mosaic for playing.

Hi Pete,

Thank you for your answer.
It’s indeed a good solution to build your playlists in Qobuz, but Mosaic offers this function, so I guess it should work as well in the app. That might be a problem with my phone (Google Pixel 3) but anyway, there’s a problem to solve.

Here’s a link with screenshots from the app:



Problems with adding songs to playlists is a known issue. We had hoped that it would have been solved with the latest version of Mosaic ( v.1.1.1 which was released just before Christmas) but this aspect was not included. However dCS have said that they wish to release the next revision quickly ( v.1.1.1 took a year to arrive). They say that this release will concentrate on correcting existing issues rather than on adding new features. So fingers crossed.

NB: I cannot even get a clean version of the option shown in your first screenshot. The playlist title to which I want to add a track is obscured by the " Create New" option and therefore cannot be selected. I sometimes wonder how rigorous dCS’ UAT is?

I also am having the same problem as Denis when using my Samsung Android cell phone with the latest update to Mosaic. As Pete mentions, using the desktop web player does continue to work for the two sets of playlist additions [I use both Qobuz and Tidal] but it doesn’t help my particular situation. Namely, my desktop PC is in my office on another floor of my home. When Mosaic had been working for a good part of last year, I always created and added to specific playlists while in my sound room downstairs where my big rig and the Bartok reside. Often, I depended on the main sound system and Mosaic via my cell because my selections for playlists included both the musical content and sonics. The PC in my office does not allow me to judge sound quality parameters so using the desktop web version of the dCS player is futile. My hope is that any new update to Mosaic will address this issue. Good luck to Denis and if other forum members have useful ideas please share them here. Thanks.

Les, I can’t speak for Tidal as I am not a subscriber but you can build your Qobuz playlist on your Android phone using the Qobuz Android app. So you listen to your track or album using Mosaic as normal . You decide that you want to add it to a Qobuz playlist. So you go to the Qobuz app find the album/track and add it using the three dot menu. Or you can just add to “Favourites” using the heart icon.

Not ideal and it doesn’t fix Mosaic. However it is a work around while we all wait for Mosaic 1.1.2. So it is just like using a desktop except it is there in your listening room. Your choices will now appear in the playlist or favourites options in the Qobuz area of Mosaic.