About the difference between AES output 1 and output 2 of DCS NB

Today I accidentally switched the AES 1 and AES2 outputs of the DCS network bridge, and found that the sound is a bit different. The low frequency of output 1 is better, but the sound clarity and separation of AES output 2 are just right. In principle, AES 1 and AES2 Who has a better voice? thanks

Hi Nicholas,

Both AES1 and AES2 are electrically identical and present exactly the same data so I’m not sure why you are finding that one has a different presentation to the other - this certainly shouldn’t be the case.

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The same data does not mean the same sense of hearing. The difference I am talking about is only a slight difference, because the length of the cable used for each AES interface may be different, resulting in different sound.

Only if your cable is somehow “intelligent” enough to digitally attenuate the AES3 signal. :grin:

If the same data is being output from both AES outputs but you are getting a different sound from each (especially if the difference in sound is consistent and repeatable) then it would suggest that it is the DAC that is creating those differences …

Are you meaning different lengths of cable connecting the NBR to the DAC or different lengths of connections on the NBRs PCB leading to AES1 and AES2?

There should be no real-world performance differences between - say - a 0.3m AES interconnect and a 3m AES interconnect.

The effects that you are describing I’m afraid I can’t explain from any kind of technical perspective … to create the effect that you are describing in the digital domain would require some quite extensive but subtle DSP.

Perhaps something is affecting the DAC as this does seem more of an analogue domain artefact?

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