About Bartok's line output

Hi guys,

As a beginner using dCS Bartok (non-apex, no head amp), I have a question about its output level. I have sent an email to dCS and not got a reply yet, but I thought it would be worth to share my experience. Here is what I experienced:

  1. When I switch between the four different output levels between 0.2 - 6.0v with max digital volume, I cannot hear any major volume differences between these settings (i.e. 0.2 vs 6.0) with my external headphone amp RCA connection. I assumed the volume difference would be large between 0.2 and 6.0, but I could barely tell the differences if any.

  2. When I power cycle the DAC, the line output will switch back to 6.0v from whatever ones I set previously.

  3. My audio settings like filters and mappings work fine, so I could hear the differences. They would be saved even after the power cycle.

I am not sure if 1) -3) are normal, or maybe I miss anything?

I appreciate your thoughts and sharing.

Thank you guys.

Hi @Disothers and I hope that we are able to offer some help and that you will enjoy this forum.

As you may imagine establishing exactly what is happening for you is difficult from a remote location and I hope you will forgive me for other members here or asking some questions to help us find a solution.

In brief I understand that you cannot hear any difference in output level when you change the line voltage setting and that the output appears to you to remain as 6.0V when you look.

My initial thought is that you may not be actually changing the voltage even though you are under the impression that you have. I assume that the unit is new to you. Would you kindly clarify exactly how you change the voltage. Do you do this from the front panel (exactly how) or is the change made via Mosaic?

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Thank your for reaching out, Pete. I switched the output through Mosaic, and I have not tried changing the voltage through the front.

I wonder if it is normal when I turn off the Bartok with the output level at 2v (turn off using the power button at back panel) , it came back at 6v after I turn it back on. Not sure if you are able to repeat this process to see what I encountered.

Maybe my Moasic app was never able to change the voltage, that is why it always shows as 6v after the reboot.

I will try to change it from the front panel when I back home, or possibly a factory reset would help?

To discover what is going on we need to take things step by step. You don’t dissuade me from my initial opinion above so the first thing to do is to check that the change is occurring in the first place. So, yes, change it from the front panel not remotely using Mosaic. You do not need to do a factory reset especially as this will reset your filter settings etc. It also won’t assist in finding the cause of the issue.

Are you comfortable that you know how to do this? If you need some help let me know.

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Thank you for your great helps. I will try to change it from the front panel and get back to this post.

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Hi Pete, I got home and figured it out: my device was somehow set as locked with a little lock figure at the screen. After I went to setting and unlock it, I can now change the voltage! I was a bit concerned, but thanks for your helps so that I focused on the status on my panel (the screen set as off before).


Pleased that it is now working for you. Sounds like my idea that the voltage was not in fact being changed was correct and that you found that the Settings Lock had been inadvertently engaged. Sometimes it is easier to see what is going on from the icons displayed on the front panel.

Anyway I hope that you will now be enjoying your Bartok.