992 Master Clock

I know 992 Master clock is a deprecated product, while still I brought this second hand and planned to work with my Rossini APEX Player.

Are there still documents and remote program for 992 available anywhere on the internet, searching for days and still get nothing.

This is the only thing I can find:

Here are some specs for the professional dCS 992 Master Clock:

AES/EBU and SDIF-2 Master Clock. Sample frequencies 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96 kHz

The dCS 992 Master Clock is a high stability reference generator designed for studio and live recording applications. The unit provides reference clocks to support systems sampling from 11.025kS/s to 192kS/s or DSD, via AES3 or SDIF-2 Word Clock formats. It offers a variety of “Superclock” options up to 256Fs and can generate all the commonly used sample rates from 11.025kS/s to 96kS/s, and output up to 10 different sample rates simultaneously phase locked together. In addition, the relative phase of each output may be adjusted by plus or minus 1 sample, in steps of 1/128th of a sample. With the dCS 992, synchronizing all the components of a multiple sample rate digital audio system becomes a simple and painless task. The unit can operate in Master mode from its own precision TCXOs, or can slave to an external source, such as GPS. It can “learn” the frequency of the external source, such that if this is interrupted for any reason, the unit carries on seamlessly at the learned frequency. If the external reference reappears, the unit reacquires lock in a very gradual and graceful manner, ensuring that any recording work is not interrupted. The dCS 992 is supplied with an easy to use Windows based remote control, but may also be operated from its front panel.

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Thanks for your help.

But those infos are really all about the 992 left on the internet, as far as I get these days.

If anyone could get the manual of 992 of even 992/2 would be great, now I am so confused with the settings.

About 20 years ago I made the first website of dCS. Of course I still have a large amount of data on my PC. I’ll put the archive online when I have time. Without prizes because those were now seen dream prizes, ha ha. Here are the manual and brochure of the 992.
992Manual.pdf (1.1 MB)
dCS992.pdf (158.5 KB)


:smile: Thank you very much indeed.

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Thank you very much, I search it for weeks.

And I discovered the 992 I got has some difference with the one in the manual, maybe a earlier model I guess? The one I have has 8 AES out, 6 BNC and no External Clock Sync.

You’re welcome, and after a bit of searching I also found this one, the pdf with menu settings.
992Menu.pdf (20.3 KB)

I need 992 Remote software Don’t know where to download it?

No, sorry, I’ve searched for a while but I can’t help you with that.


If you drop me an email at [email protected] then I’ll see what I can sort out for you in the way of software and documentation…


I’ve emailed before to ask, saying it took too long to find it… Don’t know if sir has a way to find it?
Thank you sir for your reply.
Best regards

I recently found a copy of dCS Universal Windows Remote v1.31 on two floppy disks and transferred them to a hard disk.
The installation worked on Win10 (version 22H2, build 19045.3324) and the app asked for the COM port. I did not go any further than that.
If you (or anyone else) are still interested, please PM me, so I can send you a copy via email (sizes: Disk 1: 1.4MB, Disk 2: 96k).

Glad to hear from you. I need this software to control the DCS 992. Please transfer the file to me by mail. Thank!
My E-mail :[email protected]

Best regards

Hua xi

Sorry, I was not home for the past nine days and may not be for a few more.
Please be patient. I will send you the files as soon as possible.

I think I have this old software on an old hdd, will have to hook it up.

Done 28.08.2023. Enjoy.

I also went on a trip for a week, came home and saw Mr. Mail, thanks to Mr. Software, I will test the connection with DCS tomorrow to see if it can be successfully connected.
Thank you for your help.
Hua xi

Hi, Phil
Very happy to hear that you have the Remote Software what I keep looking for for a long time. I also need this software to set up the DCS 992’s output. Would you please transfer the file to me by mail too? Thank!
My E-mail :[email protected]

Best regards
daniel chen

Hi Daniel,

I have put the files up for download here - that link will expire at the end of this month.

Please be aware that this application has not been updated in a number of years and is no longer developed nor has it been tested under any recent versions of Windows. It is provided “as-is”.

Best Regards


Hi Phil,
Ok, I will try to use it to check if it could work under recent versions of Windows. Anyway , thank you very much!

Best Regards