4 Pin XLR Plug Wiring Configuration

Hi, i hope to have my headphone cable reterminated with a 4 pin xlr plug. Does anyone have a diagram that shows how to wire the plug so that it is compatible with the bartok input.

Four-pin XLR is used for balanced headphone connections, from a balanced amplifier, where there is no common earth between the two channels. Connection diagram: 1. left channel (+) phase; 2. left channel (−) phase; 3. right channel (+) phase; 4. right channel (−) phase.

Since you did not mention which headphones you like to connect:

Please be aware that feeding your headphones from this Bartok 4-pins XLR output (not input, as you state) could mean that the correlating pins on your headphone inputs could be pinned in a non-standard way!

E.g. for the Abyss AB-1266 the plug wiring at the headphone mini 3 pin XLR is non-standard:

You could also take a look at this:

Hi, thanks for the replies and info (yes i should have said output!) i am using Dan Clark Stealth headphones. I contacted them, but they gave very little assistance.