220v to 110v conversion

I see dcs products available for sale from time to time which are made for other markets therefore are transformed 220v. I know that I could bring a 220v dedicated circuit from my ses but is there any other route to be taken is is it a total rewire… replacing the internal transformer. I see that the units are 50/60hz so that isn’t a problem. Sorry if this has been asked before

he specification for current dCS components says that the power input can be set internally for 100, 115/120, 220 or 230/240 volts 50/60 Hz. No 110 volts so it cannot be set to that voltage. NB: I think set internally means by a qualified technician.

I would not consider using an external standard commercial transformer to power a dCS component . It may work but think of it as being in place of an expensive audiophile power conditioner. The considerations that an audiophile would require of one like no or low distortion, low noise, high quality connectors etc. may not be within the design consideration of such a transformer.

So a 220V incoming line would seem the best solution.

I was wondering if there was a transformer with two legs to do this. Thanks. I think you’re thinking that there is. No, I wouldn’t do it myself. I was just looking at the viability of picking up one “made” for overseas and what it may cost to convert it. If the transformer is already there, it’s fairly simple. No, I wouldn’t substitute in a stepdown transformer for this. Much simpler to just run 220 from the ses.

thanks for your help


Barry, first of all let me say that it’s best to get your nearest dCS dealer involved even if you’re buying a resale unit. Gives you a chance to build a relationship, plus get support when you actually need it.

That said, from what I’ve seen of the insides of most dCS platforms, the power selection is based on a simple combination of switches within the power supply unit, that any dCS trained dealer will be able to change for you, and just as importantly, provide the appropriate fuse that’ll also needs to be changed.

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@Anupc these switches are visible here, I guess?

Thank you to both of you. That really is straight forward. Closest dealer is actually in LA and I’m in Phoenix… not a close drive, but I wouldn’t open up a unit like this without support.

thanks again


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Sorry @Anupc but the OP wants 110V. dCS products do not have 110V power input selectable as I pointed out earlier.

I thought that perhaps the OP lives in the Caribbean or Central America where 110V is common. However he now tells us that he lives in AZ USA where AFAIK the mains voltage is 120V ( which is selectable in dCS products). However he is local and I am not so I guess that he knows what he needs.

Erno, they should be the white switches just below the power inlet (top-middle of that picture). Each switch has labels below it, and specific combinations of switches will select the appropriate transformer taps.

Pete, it has 115V as the closest (at least on one of the units I took a peak at most recently - can’t remember if it was my Bartok or the Network Bridge).

dCS actually rate that setting as 115/120V. Which allows 5% tolerance. However if the OP’s utility company provides a nominal 110V the dCS PS would need to be happy with 10% tolerance if the nominal voltage is maintained and does not sag below. It all seems a bit marginal to me but what the effect upon performance would be is unknown.

Thanks Anup, I knew where they are, but did not want to promote using them at one’s own, instead of a dCS technician or dealer :wink: