Wordclock cable connections

Here is another dumb question . I assume that whether or not music is playing so long as the clock and subject device remain connected and are switched on the wordclock cable is always passing voltage (presumably at a relevant frequency i.e. 44.1 or 48 kHz or multiple thereof) in order to maintain lock.

Is that right or is there something else that I need to know?

Pete, perhaps your question is more complex than it appears, but I would think the answer must be “yes”. To take transport and dac as example (I don’t have a separate clock), the lock status shows on the screens. According to what is shown there, the lock is maintained even when no disc is playing. My guess would be - and it is only a guess - is that if dac is set to master, it will always be sending a clock signal when switched on, whether or not it is receiving a music signal. I can’t speak for Vivaldi and Rossini clocks, but I think the Paganini and Puccini clocks would be sending a signal to their outputs as long as switched on.

Thanks Simon. Yes , it does seem to me that whatever is providing the clock signal continues to do so so long as it it connected to a receiver ( both “on” of course). It does not matter which model the dCS clock source ( or DAC in Master mode) is as they are all interchangeable, at least from a connectivity point of view ( and overlooking the dual frequency/two wire issue which is not strictly relevant in respect of my question).

This question is simply from a burn-in point of view BTW.

Any other views anyone?

Pete, I had to look this up, but here it goes:

The term “Word Clock” is used to describe a one cycle per sample period “square wave” signal used for synchronization of digital audio equipment. The signal is typically “TTL level” which is nominally 5 volt peak-to-peak (not RMS) and is carried on 75 Ohm coaxial cable with BNC connectors.

Yes, the Clock outputs are always on and sending signal even if nothing is playing back on the DAC / connected devices.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I haven’t been wasting my time burning in then :smile:.