.wma hi-res audio files

Can my Rossini play .wma hi-res files - I didn’t see it listed in the product specs?

If you mean via UPnP then no, whether hi-res or other.

Assuming they are not DRM-wrapped, there are plenty of tools to convert them into FLAC format and do so losslessly. FLAC is a lot more compatible with audio gear and (and software) than WMA.

Or , if they are purchased downloads many ( most?) vendors allow you to go to your account and re-download the repertoire in another format ( e.g. FLAC) so long as the resolution is not higher than what you originally bought.

I would add , however, that for copyright reasons you ought to erase the .wma copy once you have replaced it with FLAC. After all it isn’t doing you any good if you can’t play it!

Many thanks for that answer, I thought I would have to do this but wanted to double-check.

Many thanks, Pete for both these answers.

I downloaded from Qobuz and somehow missed the opportunity to select format - I only saw hi-res! Finding how to obtain a 2nd download seems less straight-forward but will now search with more determination!

Go to the Qobuz download store on your computer ( not the streaming app). Sign in ( same password as your streaming account). Click on your name in the top right corner. Then choose " My Profile" and you will see all of your purchased downloads each with a new “Download” button. Click the one you want to download and you will see “format” is the third choice under the black horizontal bar. There is a menu of format options below this.


Many thanks for that, successfully accomplished!