Which power cord?

I’ve never added a power cord to any of my systems over the year and have just used those supplied by the manufacturer

I read in the instructions for my Bartok that the cables supplied in the box are consumer grade and not audiophile quality as DCS recognise many customers will choose to change these for their own preferred brand or model

I’d be interested to know what other users have chosen for their Bartoks (or other DCS models) and any impressions of the effects these have had on performance?

Thanks for sharing any knowledge, experiences or info

There are a few topics here about power cables that might interest you:

That’s great, thank you, I’ll have a read over these

I just upgraded my system with the new Synergistic Research Level 3 SX Euphoria power cords and it was a jaw dropping experience. Purchased one for Rossini DAC huge improvement…then put another one on my streamer was a surprising further step up I did not expect. Purchased the HC versions of these new cords for my amps. I have been experimenting with many PC’s during past 2 years including Shunyata Sigma V2 which is also an excellent cord but the new SR’s are killer far outpacing the previous SR Euphoria X and best yet in my system to the point I am no longer searching for PC’s (what a time saver)!
For the clock I am using Shunyata Alpha V2 I preferred this over the Sigma V2 for the clock only position although I have not yet tried the SX here. PC’s do get expensive but I have found tuning each piece of gear with with PC’s makes a big improvement in SQ I consider them as important as interconnects and speaker cables in my system.

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And forgot to mention power conditioning is where it begins the grunge starts at the wall I have my SX cords plugged into a Shunyata Triton v3.

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I’m using Acrolink power cables throughout my system. The build quality is second to none and they sound great.

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