Which CD transport is better than Vivaldi One when playing CD and why?

I am just curious about my Vivaldi One transport performance.

The Vivaldi One has an Esoteric transport. They’re pretty much the only high end transport manufacturer left, so it’s no slouch at all. Esotric uses better versions of the transport in their top models, but to use one of those with Vivaldi you’d have to give up SACD.

If you’re asking about the best CD transports of all time, then these two seem to make to top of many lists. I’ve never heard either of them myself:

Esoteric P0: https://zstereo.co.uk/2014/05/12/esoteric-p-0/
CEC TL0X: http://www.cec-web.co.jp/products/cdplayer/tl0x/tl0x_e.html