Which AES/EBU cable fro transport to bArtok

WIll be connecting CD transport ( CEC ) with the Bartok via AES /EBU . Which cable would you recommend.

I am using oyaide AR-910 with good results (Aurender N10 to dCS Rossini)

Hi Saurabh and welcome to the community.

The problem with your question is that there are so many alternatives at so many prices. Most have some property that their recommender likes but which may not appeal to you. Basically if you get eight responses you are likely to get eight different recommendations.

Further nobody has tried all of them, only a couple of comparisons at best. Mostly people are really using what their dealer sells them. And they all work!

There are many threads on this subject in the archives here ( just enter AES in the search bar above) all of which have recommendations for many different cables. Here is an example:

It is also of no help to you if a recommendation is not available in your country (wherever that may be) or is outside of your price range .

So you are likely to end up with several suggested brands from which you will still have to pick. There will be no obvious winner.

All I suggest is that the cable has the correct 110 ohms impedance, comes from a reputable manufacturer and is at a price that you are willing to pay. If your dealer is willing to lend you a couple of cables to choose from then take up the offer.

I would also say that AES does not offer any obvious advantage over S/Pdif in normal domestic use for this purpose given the short cable lengths that are used. Many S/Pdif cables from the same range can sound preferable to their AES equivalents for some reason. So I would not overlook this alternative.

Haha yes. choosing and selecting a cable …its a toughie. agreed. Thanks. Will search further