What's Spinning September 2020



Some early morning relaxation.

Just picked up over at Native DSD. Very nice.

Just stunning how good this sounds coming out of the Vivaldi stack into the Legacy Valors with SUT. Like sitting in the Fillmore.


Get your toes tapping! :grin:


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That’s some good stuff. I see that the 60th Anniversary Remaster is available on Qobuz.

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It certainly is but do I really want to listen to <11 alternative takes of every track? Didn’t Tom Dowd make a good job of picking the best?

For many that might be all they need. On some music, I’m not interested in all the many takes and versions that went into the final product. The 2019 Abbey Road set is an example. Although I have found a few of the cuts moderately interesting, taken individually, for me they detract from the wholeness of the finished product. On Giant Steps, some of these various takes are much more interesting to me. Still, if one only wants the 2020 remaster of the “Tom Dowd Final,” it is available without all the extras here. And if one doesn’t want the remaster, I think this Rhino edition is the original Atlantic stereo version. The Mono version is also here. Those are all Qobuz links; other sources like ProStudio and HDTracks also offer the recordings.


Blue Coast and the Hazelrigg Bros. hit another one out of the park. Superb recording. Piano sounds like a piano. Imaging, depth, and air all contribute to the sense of realism. They are right in the room.