What were you listening to when you heard the news

Having waited patiently for some good political news for the last 6 years I was listening to the Flaming Lips - In a priest driven ambulance.

Track was ‘‘unconscioulsy screaming’’

Album ends with ‘‘what a wonderful world’’

Thank you America…

Absolutely ecstatic that the last 4 excruciating years is over! :grin:

(It’s 5am where I am, so, not actually listening to anything as I read the news)

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I was listening to the sound of peace, unity and happiness. Yes really.


George Harrison, All things must pass…

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Like BillK, I would prefer this forum remain politics-free. Our United States remains a deeply divided, partisan, and troubled nation. I come here to escape from that sort of stuff. No good can come of injecting politics into an otherwise respectful, enjoyable common space. (And no, I am not a Trump supporter.)

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Under normal circumstances, I’d stay well clear of it on forums as well. Couldn’t help myself though, these are extraordinary times (and not just because of whats-his-face :grin:).

They are extraordinary times, and a good 50% of the US if not higher couldn’t be more horrified at the election results.

Here is a link to the category titles that this dCS community resource is concerned with, each one followed by a brief definition of what they are intended for:


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I asked what you were listening to, not what you thought about it…

I come to this community to learn about dCS products. If I want political discourse there are endless opportunities for that. Keep politics out of this community, please.

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