What´s Spinning December 2021

Hoodoo Man Blues
Junior Wells with Buddy Guy

Recorded in 1965, it is considered one of the important blues albums of the sixties. The jamming groove the musicians create is remarkable. Head bobbing material…


The Destroyer - 1

Electronic . Cold Wave
This is powerful, enigmatic music. Becomes readily accessible with previous exposure to indie electronic music. TR/ST were founded in 2010 and are based in Toronto, Canada.

Qobuz Hi Res file , good recording.

Chet Baker Sings
Chet Baker

Cool Jazz
The album received the Grammy Hall Of Fame award in 2001. Baker’s smooth and silky voice on this 1954 record makes for a touching and regenerative listen. It is said his singing was like no other at the time. Most enjoyable at night…


Problably the best remaster and the best recording in Hi Res ever! With a lot of takes and extras

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Sludge Metal . Progressive Metal
dCS recently honored Iron Maiden’s album ‘The Number Of The Beast’. That gives me the cue I can share metal albums with the community. Baroness were founded in 2003 and originate from Savannah, Georgia in the US. ‘Purple’ is their fourth studio album and was released in 2015. Their music has little to do with metal progenitors like Metallica or Black Sabbath. It spans a wider spectrum of influences, styles, and rhythms. The compositional ambition and result are on a more refined level. ‘Purple’ has a palpable intensity as the band works through the loss of one of their members in a touring bus accident. Interestingly enough, there’s not that much raw emotion in the music. A degree of abrasiveness is to be found which is restrained enough however to render the album enjoyable for casual genre visitors as well.

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Qobuz 16/44.1

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Vulture Prince
Arooj Aftab

Singer Songwriter
Female singers with sparse instrumentation can become repetitive after a while. This album by Arooj Aftab is unique and different. She sings mostly in Urdu, her Pakistani language. She’s been living in New York for many years and prides herself in also knowing the production side of her music in and out. The album changed during its creation, because two people close to her died and she begins to process the loss in it. She has been nominated for the 2021 Grammy award in the Best New Artist category.

Here’s a recorded live performance at radio KEXP in October 2021. Deeply beautiful and at times emotionally painful:

Like the nordic clarity in her Voice.

Maybe it‘s carrying coals to Newcastle …


… but this one impressed me. It is not a simple comparison, it illustrates how much influence violins character has on music. I am hooked.


Not at all. While I’m only an occasional listener of classical music, this is a striking project! :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you for sharing it.

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Incredible voice! It’s a good recording too.
Qobuz 24/44.1


I agree with you from September!

I wish that I’d not waited to play the album until now!

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Tidal FLAC 44.1kHz 16bit

This is not a type of music ( mid 19th century high romanticism) that would normally interest me. However this is incandescent playing:

So this might be somthing of interest too.