What Internet Radio stations do you listen to?

Now we’ve got support for internet radio URLs and markers for high quality stations in Mosaic, I’m interested to know what stations folks are listening to through it. What station(s) are you listening to, and how frequently do you use Internet Radio?


Easy, none and never?

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Radio Paradise

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BBC Radio 3
Linn Classical
Classical Music Archives
Jazz FM
Radio Paradise


Hardly listen to radio, only Qobuz radio.

Hi On Line Radio Flac (16/44)
Mother Earth Radio (24/192)

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BBC Radios 3 and 4. Very frequently - R3 is a main source, the weekday lunchtime live concerts, Record Review, Jess Gilham " This Classical Life", Inside Music ( Saturday), The Early Music Show ( Sunday), various live concerts weekday evenings and the entire Proms season live over the summer. All regulars.


FIP Jazz
VRT Klara continuo

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WWOZ in New Orleans. Several friends are DJs

local classical station called BR-Klassik (it’s shame that they don’t stream in high-res), and France Musique (classic music) as well.

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60 North Radio

( From Shetland to Shetland and the world)

I’m listening internet radio every day

Planet Rock

I like listening to Absolute x0’s in the car and pretend I’m in my 20’s again!

Rondo Classic - Klasu Pro out of Helsinki, Naim classical and jazz, Radio Bluesflac out of Spain, and Zappa Stream

I find Jazz24 so good that I subscribe a nominal amount per month (note: subscription revenue models are somewhat unusual for the UK). The content of this channel is superb IMO. I listen pretty much every morning whilst reading this forums posts.

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Mostly Jazz.fm91 from Toronto, most days.