What headphones are you using with Bartok

I’m wondering about Bartok owners experiences with headphones. I’m using Focal Utopias with a Nordost Heimdall balanced cable.
The sound is superb but as always perhaps there is something else I should be trying.
I have the Bartok with Rossini clock soon to be upgraded to Apex.

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Meze Elite with Danacable Lazuli Reference Plus, and an ABYSS Diana Phi with a JPS Labs Superconductor cable. Considering to check out the Focal Utopia 2022.


Focal Utopia with 20 core silver “Lavricables” balanced cables.

I love the Stax SR-X9000’s, unfortunately the Bartok headphone amp output can’t drive them

With Bartók’s built-in HA; the Susvara and a FitEar MH335DW Studio Reference Custom IEM, and the Stax SR-009S with an external Tube ‘stat Amp.

I really didn’t like the upper-mid range with the original Focal Utopias on the Bartók, makes it unnecessarily strident. Don’t know how good the new ones is (I’m not partial to the Focal house-sound in general though).

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I am using a Meze Empyrean and a WyWires Platinum cable with my Bartok. I had the Elite and changed back to the Empyrean. This gives me the magic I am looking for. For me, the Elite was not everything the Empyrean does and more. It’s a trade off. For now… I like the trade off I made.

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I haven’t heard the Elite, but I can well imagine that. I’ve kept my Empyrean because it does things for me that none of my other headphones do. Lovely, relaxing, gently warm. Great for long sessions.

(For me the Empyrean has to be with a good cable, though — I didn’t like it at all with the stock cable. The WyWires Platinum is one of the good ones. Alex makes good cables :+1:)

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meze elite,

bartók apex + rossini clock

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When I demoed the Bartok HA early 2020, one of the cans I took with me was my Susvara. My impression at the time was that the Bartok sounded good, but strained a bit to drive the Sus. Anyone else try them out?

I’ve tried the Susvara with a Bartok HA over a few days and came to a similar conclusion. Would love to hear them with another amp

I traded in my Bartók HA for a Rossini DAC, combined it with the Rossini Clock, added the dCS Lina headamp, upgraded to Rossini APEX DAC, and my Susvara sings!


Yes, well, it should! :wink:


Worth a listen if you can:

If you’re recommending it, it must be good! Priorities dictate that I’m currently contemplating one of these for my Stax SRX:

Good choice; Eksonic make good stuff. I have a T2 built by George Parris. My favorite amp.

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OT: Do you have a link? I did a Google search, but seem to be finding a footballer!

Link to what?

I meant to the people who built your T2, unless it was a one-off build?

Ah, gotcha. George was a private builder, and I believe I was his last. But they’re all basically following the same Gilmore design.

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Kerry at Eksonic is a GEM!

I ordered my T2 in May of 2021 before he decided to open Eksonic. At the time he was building 2-3 each year. I went to his place and brought my Linn Klimax DS and 009S. The demo took all of 5 minutes before I knew the days of my Birgir Carbon were over.

His AERAS is a nice sounding (and great looking) amp however more of a lateral move if one already owns a Carbon or BHSE. The T2 is endgame in Staxen world.