Well i have only gone and done it " ROSSINI " is in the house

Well i have a lovely Bartok on home demo right now and been very impressed with the DCS range since i first heard the rossini last year.
Well i was very impressed with the Bartok but i couldn’t get that rossini and clock out my head and so i decided today to go for it.
Decided on the player/streamer and clock in silver as it shows off the lovely design the front panel has.
My dream has just come true and quite excited about it


Congrats! I loved the Rossini DAC and Player when I heard it.

The Rossini is a fine piece of gear. Congratulations.

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Got to say this rossini is just fantastic, i was looking at going naim nd555 with 2 power supplies as i had the power supplies already on my NDS, but it didn’t get anywhere near the rossini for sound.
The power in detail and depth is just fantastic, it just sounds so good its laughable lol


Well a few weeks down with the rossini and think i have finally settled on my settings for the filters etc.
But very happy with it and still can’t get over how nice it sounds, had a mate round who is also into his music and he was totally blow away with it, which is always nice.
Only problem was he didn’t want to go home

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“had a mate round who is also into his music and he was totally blow away with it, which is always nice.
Only problem was he didn’t want to go home” :smiley:

NB: I am enjoying my new Rossini Transport into my Vivaldi stack. I would love to invite a mate round to hear it but I am afraid that because of covid 19 and social distancing it is not possible :frowning_face:

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I know crap isn’t it and no telling how long its going to go on for.
Just to add mark came round 2 weeks ago, not that it really matters, as we are both self employed and working still, plus we all tend to mingle in the same places due to the job we do.
Cheers dunc

I also enjoy the Rossini Player & Clock combo. Perfect combination ! Congrats !

My Rossini DAC arrives today, replacing a DeBusy DAC. Already have a Rossini clock; Wilson Sasha DAWs will be installed tomorrow, and the dealer is bringing a Vivaldi DAC for a comparison. Sometimes the stars just align…

Congratulations. You will be very happy with the Rossini and a bit happier if you move up to the Vivaldi.

Yep… I too tried out the Bartók to compare to my PS Audio DirectStream and was so convinced that I returned the PS Audio and ordered the Bartok… problem is I went into the dealer again and this time listened to the Rossini and was yet again wowed! I can’t imagine how much of a difference it makes to have two power supplies (one analogue and one digital) makes… but it made a difference that was easily able to hear.

So now I wait… hopefully with in two weeks I’ll have it!

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