Well i got myself a cd player after all

Don’t get to excited as it’s not a vivaldi or any dcs transport.
I didn’t want to spend thousands on a transport, infact i didn’t want to spend much at all.

I managed to pick up a Sony cdp 3000es, its a vintage player but it does have the all important digital out.

It looks fantastic, and actually sounds nice going into my vivaldi upsampler using a digital coaxial cable.
For £200 it far punching above that, going to try it against the ripped version stored on my melco, and see what the outcome is.

But for now i am just enjoying using it, plus it looks nice sitting above my vintage Sony elcaset.


These are great little players! Sony made some of the best back then.

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Nice toploader! I think enjoyment is key. Taking an album and putting it in the player is for me still part of the experience. This is a great way to enjoy cds and I bet the sound is very good through the Vivaldi.

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Beautiful player of its era. I think that it is sad that Sony appear to have pulled out of the high end market, ( at least in the UK (I do not know about other territories). I looked at the Sony UK website yesterday and all that they now seem to have under the “Audio” banner are smart speakers.