Welcome Mosaic 1.1.3

I just finished the update to Mosaic 1.1.3. dCS Mosaic 1.1.3 Release

First I power cycled my Bartók from the back switch. Then I had to manually search the App Store, and then could find and update Mosaic Control to 1.1.3. Mosaic attempted to reboot Bartók, but failed. So I rebooted again from the back switch. Then the update started, 4096 chunks were loaded. Bartók started updating, finally asking for a restart (again from back switch). Restarted flawlessly, now with new version 506 of the network board.

Music is playing through Roon, so everything seems fine!

Mosaic Control app shows:

APP VERSION: 1.1.3 (119)

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I updated my Network Bridge and iPhone, it works flawlessly.

Just finished updating my Rossini.

First updated the Mosaic app on my iPad, then rebooted my Rossini by means of the switch on the back. Then fired up the app, and checked for device firmware updates, which duly found v506 for the Rossini. Asked it to update said Rossini, after which everything proceeded automatically including the reboot at the end - just took a bit of time. Mosaic did lose contact for a while (and suggested I reboot the Rossini manually - which I did not do.)

APP VERSION: 1.1.3 (119)

I’ve been testing DSD albums and so far the bug appears fixed as per release notes. Plays from the first track, no jumping tracks, all good.

Many thanks as this was a something I hoping would be fixed.

Cheers, Mike.

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4096 chunks ready for spring!

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All updated here, Rossini and iPad.
Mosaic on my M1 mac mini is not showing an update in the Appstore. M1 mini’s run most iPad apps but not updating just now.

And stable playlists - terrific!

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All good here. First look at IOS App Store did not show 1.1.3, but Mosaic 1.1.1 on my phone showed an available update for the Upsampler (506). So, after a hard reboot, I initiated it. At one point, the software instructed me to manually power down and restart the Upsampler, because the Updater had not been able to reboot it. I did so, and the update process continued. Finished fine. I subsequently located version 1.1.3 in the App Store. All updated. All good.

Exactly what I experienced with my Bartók, see OP. Minor glitch, but across the line it seems to work.

@James, with Mosaic Control 1.1.3, did we lose the ability to Stop a playing stream?

Previously with 1.1.1, if you tap & Hold the Play/Pause button, the playback stream would actually Stop (as opposed to just Pause). With 1.1.3, holding that button merely brings up a “Pause playback” helper text, while the stream continues to play.

Not a show stopper, but just curious why the change. By the way, Roon transport controls work like Mosaic 1.1.1 did.

Being honest, I’m not certain this was a feature in 1.1.1. My understanding was that this was in Roon but not Mosaic. That said, I don’t have any units on 1.1.1 to check this on currently.

It isn’t something which was designed in, that’s for sure - if it was in place, it was an accidental feature. Would it be something you would like to see (re)introduced to Mosaic?

My iPad’s still on 1.1.1 and the tap & hold to Stop still works.

Bringing Mosaic transport controls on par with Roon makes sense from a “muscle memory” standpoint, as I think quite a few of us flip between Roon and Mosaic very frequently.

That said, I’m not sure how many people actively used it, it wasn’t documented anywhere I’d imagine. So, it wouldn’t be a high priority feature :wink:

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Actually yes you’re spot on - dug out an old tablet with 1.1.1 on it and it does indeed stop playback on a long press on pause. I’ll get that fed back to the design team.

So to answer your original question, not a purposeful removal from 1.1.3 no, but I will make the recommendation that it be re-added :+1: