Vivaldi vs Vivaldi Apex Impressions

That is NOT the way to go. It is 1) possibly harmful, a mistake in setting your volume control on your Vivaldi could blow your pre, power amp, and speakers and 2) not the best at all for SQ. Any amp set to its max is prone to distortion.

I think that @miguelito 's approach is the way to go.


OK, thanks. Valuable advice from both of you.


Although now that I think about it, I’m perplexed. Why should an amp at maximum volume distort IF the actual sound level is acceptable? Is it not true that volume controls don’t “add” volume when you turn them up, they add attenuation when you turn them down.

The Ongaku is a fine piece of kit from what I hear BTW!

I don’t think there’s any issue with running an amp at full volume other than the risk of blowing out your speakers if you inadvertedly pump a full signal to them.

Yes, I hear the Ongaku is a fine piece of kit. Every night. :slight_smile:

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You need some understanding of gain structure for this.