Vivaldi vs Vivaldi Apex Impressions

There are three purposes for which various liquid spray CD " enhancers" have been made available. These are anti-static properties, optical enhancement and cleaning. Products that perform one aspect are not necessarily effective in others.

In respect of inhibiting static electricity I was referring to the use of detergent which historically in our hobby goes back decades as cloths impregnated with detergent were used to treat vinyl discs. A similar concept has been adapted for silver disc where diluted detergent is sprayed in a fine mist on the label side of the disc, then allowed to air dry. This will reduce static for the disc overall. The process should not be used on the playing side of the disc as the idea is that the spray leaves a fine residue however the playing surface needs to be optically clear.

As for the product to use it is now many decades since I felt any need to do this and I regret that I have now forgotten brand names. The one I remember (but not the name) has a very distinctive odour and was clearly the basis of one of the well known commercial products aimed at audiophiles. When I last
looked it cost 5 gbp for 5 litres! Tergitaol is a brand name for a number of specialised formulations some of which are comparatively costly so there is no simple answer.

Note that the disc has to dry before use and as such your player should be safe. However until you have established what is OK I have to raise a warning that applying liquids to silver discs can be risky and I cannot be responsible. If you think that reducing static electricity provides an audible improvement then use of a device like the Furutech Destat III might be a preferable was of doing it.

I would say that these treatments stem largely from the earlier days of CD when just about any band-aid to help the then sound was seized upon - sprays, painting CD edges green, stabilising mats etc. were used.For myself I ceased to do this once the first dCS transport came along and for me many issues just disappeared.


dCS Vivaldi APEX Digital to Analogue Converter zilver 1 45.500,00 30% 31.850,00 EURO

This is from the Nederlands dCS reseller,, you need to click “Opruiming” section.

I think it won’t stay long…

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Dear all, as my Vivaldi was under maintenance to replace the front button board as the power button was « capricious », the French distributor proposed to organize a test of my Vivaldi in front of their Vivaldi Apex.

Finally the test has been done at my reseller place on a system I did not know so much but as it was a comparison it was supposed to not be a big deal. Unfortunately, it was not so obvious as with the first pair of loudspeakers (Raidho X2), it was nearly impossible to find any differences as the system was not balanced at all and I was even not able to find the performance of my own Vivaldi.
Moving to a new pair of loudspeakers (Revel Performa Be) has been a good move as the differences between Apex and non-apex version appeared to be obvious in terms of aeration and dynamic.

I was aware about the cost of the upgrade but forgot it increased again in the past months. I was definitely not ready for such upgrade as per the price and my feeling that it would be difficult to do better than what I have with my Vivaldi. After few weeks of thinking about, I’m close to say ok for the upgrade but a little voice is still telling me it is not reasonable….still few days to balance pros and cons… :grimacing:

Well, your little voice is absolutely right :laughing:.
But at least this upgrade is spending money for something new, or something more than what you have currently.
A few months ago, the Vivaldi Upsampler was selling for 20.000 than 25.000 and for 32.500 €…And it is exactly the same !!! So, imagine what would say your little voice in that case :laughing:

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Yes this inflation is also what my little voice is telling me to spend a bit more of attention

Ludovic, only you can decide if it is worth it to you. You know yourself, and what it is you enjoy about your system. Perhaps your system is just great. There is no requirement to own “the latest and greatest.”

Is there any way to arrange for in-home demo so you can compare on your system? On-the-spot comparison of equipment you don’t know is not, to my mind, optimal.

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Dear Greg, don’t worry I will take a decision and not looking for anybody to take it. Just mentioned my journey in the evaluation of this option :+1:

Seems it is difficult to listen at home as the only device in France is travelling from a reseller to another. Anyway if I was able to hear something that could make me invest I’m sure I would be able to hear it again at home :grinning: