Vivaldi USB - Audio Device not showing in Win 10

As I cannot get any radio via Mosaic (see older post below) I am trying to set up a simple PC /Win10 USB connection to use radio station browser players.

Unfortunately Win 10 will not recognise the existence of dCS Vivaldi. It should be displayed for selection as a default audio device ( speaker) in the Win 10 Sound configuration window but nothing is showing there except the PC’s internal sound card.

I have reinstalled the dCS USB Class 2 driver, have switched off the anti-virus app and have even swapped connecting USB cables. No result.

noting the FAQ regarding recognition of USB 3 ports I have also tried the single USB 2 port on the PC , again with no result.

Help anyone please.

Problem solved! A hard reboot of Vivaldi and PC.

I just had a similar issue - my Mac could no longer see my Rossini Player.

I tried rebooting the Mac with no luck, so I rebooted the Rossini Player.

However, when I did that the CD reader would no longer work - a second reboot of the Rossini Player fixed all.