Vivaldi Transport

Does anyone know whether there has been a new release for the Vivaldi Transport? Thanks.

If by new you mean recently, I don’t think so.
If by new you mean since 2012, than yes, Vivaldi 2.0…but no Apex, it is only the DACs which are updated.

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IIRC. there was no hardware update to the Vivaldi Transport with the 2.0 release, only firmware. Only the Upsampler received a hardware upgrade, at which point it became the “Vivaldi Upsampler Plus”.

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The Vivaldi Transport, according to dCS, still has a TEAC Esoteric VRDS Neo mechanism.


I understood that there has been a software update to the Vivaldi Transport (?) As you know, this can only be done via cd.

Yup, quite a few firmware updates. I can’t recall the current version on my transport (I’m away from home at the moment), but according to the dCS Software support site it’s currently at version 2.04.

Software updates used by be via dCS CDs, but these days I believe via the RS232 3-way cable between the Upsampler works to update the Transport as well (just like how the Vivaldi DAC’s firmware is upgraded these days).