Vivaldi Transport on Audiogon

I have no association with the seller, but FWIW there is a Vivaldi SACD transport for sale on Audiogon right now at a significant discount from MSRP.

I thought I’d mention it as though it’s still very pricy, if you are in the market it might be worth looking into.

Before buying used dCS equipment if you can find out the serial number you can contact the factory who can advise upon its provenance including any service history.

When buying used equipment especially silver disc transports where certain components like the OPU and, possibly, loading gearing have finite lifespans the likelihood of requiring a service increases year on year. Service costs do not decrease in proportion to the item’s age or the price paid ( many seem to imagine that they do or should). Bear in mind, therefore, that if it requires a service that will not be cheap either especially if it ever needs a new mechanism.

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