Vivaldi Stack on Audiogon

Not sure this is appropriate to post here, but I’ll take the chance! :smile: I’m sure others have seen this listing. Full non-Apex stack (no transport) for USD68k.

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From what I have seen lately, it is unlikely that he will get his asking price.

I haven’t seen any Vivaldi action myself—the only listing for which I recall receiving notice in the last few months disappeared before I clicked through—but I am inclined to agree.

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Just be wary of scammers hijacking these market places… One offered me a nearly new (non-existent) Rossini clock for somewhere around £5k and I might have bitten if they hadn’t asked for a bank transfer, which prompted me to find out more.

I later found out one poor German chap transferred them somewhere around €50k to find his calls were then blocked. A few other unfortunate souls came to light after that.

I’m not suggesting not to buy second-hand, just that is makes sense to do the relevant checks (and pay by credit card wherever possible)!


Caveat emptor is always good advice.


Definitely 2nd Jeremy’s caution.

This seller has zero sales history on Audiogon. Coupled with calling it an “Apax card “, clearly he’s not the actual owner, Could be a dealer, in which case the zero sales history makes it even more suspicious.

Good pictures though :thinking:

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The conman I found advertising the clock had a very polished website and seemingly everything you could possibly want in terms of equipment.

Looking at Google maps, that they would sell Vivaldi’s out of what looked like a converted cow shed seemed a tad suspicious at best!


Low overhead. :wink:

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Especially if you keep using it for cattle :slight_smile:

I think the listing looks legit.

From the pictures, it is a large, meticulous, NYC apartment and the care put into repackaging the units is impressive. Compensation on Wall Street is driven by bonuses, which can lead to big windfalls, and “irrational” purchase decisions, and someone just deciding that their first purchase has to be the “best of the best.” There is a small Ferrari dealership on Park Avenue, if you just can’t wait to spend your newfound riches.

In any event, the S/N numbers for all three units are clearly visible in the pictures, any anyone interested can have dCS check or contact the seller.

(I have no connection to the seller, just sayin’) : )

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I’m not suggesting this particular listing isn’t, just that people should take care when buying from an unknown source so they don’t get caught in the same way as the poor German chap (and, I suspect, many others too)

Nice floors - quarter sawn white oak - very fine!

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I agree, the pictures do make it look legit. That said, any keen buyer would be a fool not to engage the escrow service on this sale. Way too risky.

Or, depending on where you reside, just walk up the street and give it a listen ; )

Looks like a Nagra HD Preamp is also in the pictures. I believe that’s a $70k unit in the US. Yowzer.

It’s a gorgeous sounding preamp. They usually go for half that on the resale market.

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Greg, $68k for a non-Apex Vivaldi with stock cables seems expensive. By the time you add Apex and power/interconnect cables, you’ll be approaching $100k. Seems like lots of good non-dCS options way below that price level. Digital is evolving so quickly, I’m not sure the Vivaldi Apex is an end-journey item.


Eh, it may not be. One can probably make a case for many competitive units, especially for folks whose “design goals” may be different. I noticed the seller was open to offers, and doubt he expects to get his full asking price. I wish him luck.

Yes, digital is evolving quickly, especially on multi-channel playback. And for folks who want a full-on Atmos experience, this won’t be their kit. Also, even with Apex, Vivaldi will be seen by many as long in the tooth. But it’s a big world. He only has to find one buyer.


Especially not without 2x+ DSD!

(Zing, again!)

; )

Most listeners have no need for DSD and surely not 2x or 4x. It won’t have any impact on whatever I decide will ultimately replace my Vivaldi.

How have you reached this conclusion: Survey? Research? Analysis?