Vivaldi serial cable

Hello folks,

The Vivaldi’s came with a serial cable with three plugs: DAC, upsampler (the middle plug) and transport. The cable was in the box, so I connected it when I first installed the Vivaldi’s. I do not have a transport so I plugged that end into my clock.
The set is in a rack against the wall, and it is quite job to get the equipment out to expirement. So I like to hear what you think.

My questions are:
Are these serial cables necessary? I am thinking of removing them because they might pick up RFI or so? They look like a very simple, unshielded quality.

If it is better to let them stay, can it hurt to bind them with cable binders to tidy things up a bit? They are a bit long. I wouldn’t dream of binding power cables or other cable’s because the coil or even contact between them may cause interference, I know. But I don’t think a lot is going on in these serial cables all the time?



Answered here:

[Mosaic FAQ] Serial Connection issues between Vivaldi DAC and Upsampler

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That answers af few things :smile:, so they stay.

I don’t believe the serial cable supports the clock. Also you need to install the the cable with your existing dCS units - for the DAC and Upsampler, and then power up the DAC first followed by the Upsampler. Then you will find, when using the Mosaic app, the ability to see both devices and manage them.