Vivaldi One does not load SACD

Dear support, today i realize my Vivaldi One does not load SACD. The logo on machine always show CD when i use SACD. What should i do?

All dCS CD/SACD transports allow the user to select a preferred layer of a hybrid SACD disc. You appear to have selected CD layer in the menu. You need to go to the menu for Audio Settings/layer/SACD.

It’s does not show any layer to select.

You have only gone as far as Balance in the menu. Press the relevant front panel button to move forward to the next menu selection which is Layer. See also page 34 in the User Manual which is a map of the menu items. You will see where you should have reached.

Edit: I have just checked with my Rossini Transport and it looks as if you have to have a hybrid SACD inserted in the machine to change the layer, this may well apply to Vivaldi One as well.

The layer function is disable when i insert SACD. It always show CD instead if SACD. I think the problem is laser pickup.

I am sorry to say that you may be right. OPU’s lose power over time and eventually the laser cannot penetrate both layers of hybrid SACDS. This looks like it may require a return to your distributor via your dealer if so. I would also imagine that spare parts for the Esoteric VRDS Neo unit are not going to be cheap considering the price of the mechanism. How old is your Vivaldi One?