Vivaldi One as streamer

I have a Vivaldi one that I use mostly as a SACD player, and occasionally use its internal dac while listening to streamed music. I also have a Nagra DAC and use an Aurender as streamer.
My question is: can I use the V1 streamer function to go to the Nagra DAC and possibly eliminating the need of the Aurender? If so, what would be the connection?

Hi Jorge, No, there are no digital outputs on the Vivaldi One, only analog outputs, so the only DAC that the streamer functionality can be used with is the internal DAC.

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Are these all elements of one setup? Then you could use the Vivaldi one with its built in streaming functionality via ethernet possibly eliminating the Aurender (and Nagra DAC).

True, but I enjoy having two distinct DACs, one solid state and the other one tube. Provides me different experiences.