Vivaldi DAC with Upsampler and NO clock connections

As usual I am struggling with all the wires. The main problem is i can’t get the toslink input to the Upsampler to work correctly. Toslink into the dac works fine but into the Upsampler i get clicks as it loses clocking every few seconds. I’ve tried every combination of clock inputs and outputs and sync modes but no success. Is what I am attempting possible?

This and Run Don Ding’s question about network bridge clocking made me realise that it doesn’t seem to be clear whether the clock should go from the dac to the upsampler or from the Upsampler to the dac? Does it even make any difference?

Toslink is limited to 96kHz. Are you trying to send data with higher resolution to the Upsampler via this interface?

The usual recommended configuration is for the master clock to be that nearest to the point of D to A conversion. So the DAC is usually the master and other linked components slaves. Obviously when using a system clock all components are receiving the same clock signal so this aspect becomes redundant.

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Thank you Pete. It’s just 48kHz from the TV so should be fine.

How’s it going working on this problem DCS? The Upsampler is a demo so will have to go back shortly and it would be good to test if the toslink input works. Which it doesn’t at the moment.

I guess the first thing to confirm is that the synch on the DAC is set to Audio.

This sort of problem is often caused by the TV and not the dCS equipment as the TV’s Toslink signal lies outside of the range suitable for the dCS input. There is a known issue with LG TVs. However you say that all is OK into your Vivaldi DAC which surprises me in these circumstances as if the TV is OK into the DAC it should be the same for the Upsampler . Anyway the linked thread may interest you.