Vivaldi dac + Rossini clock

Recently saw a post where a person was using the Rossini clock with his Vivaldi. Is this a significant upgrade vs the bare Vivaldi?

This is such an odd combination I doubt that there are too many people with the experience to answer your question.

I do know from other combinations of dCS equipment that Vivaldi clock is a significant element of the result that you achieve in combination with Vivaldi DAC. That is, if you hope that using Rossini clock is a cheaper way of getting the same result, it isn’t.

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If the whole idea here is to save on the budget, one option would be to opt for a Mutec Wordclock Clock and a 10MHz reference Clock. the combo MC3+ USB & REF 120 SE paired with the Vivaldi would be an improvement over the Vivaldi alone.

It seems that you have made your mind up then.

I mean an improvement over the Vivaldi DAC alone.
Of course, a Vivaldi Clock added to the DAC is another story … (not tested head to head).

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