Vivaldi Case Feet Thread Spec?

I think the Isoacoustic product line is superb. In fact, Merrill puts their GAiA III footers on the Merrill 116 amps I own. If I wasn’t already invested in Stillpoints (and with no need to replace them, as I remove them from any piece of equipment I sell or trade in), the Isoacousrtcs would be on the short list.

I’m still fully invested in Finite Elemente under everything apart from my Magico A3s where I use the Magico APods. I have a Finite Elemente Master Ref rack so have stayed with them throughout all my component changes - Cerabase under rack and amp, Cerapucs under Bartok and Melco. I haven’t compared with other alternatives but they’re beautifully made and I’ve convinced myself they do the same job and are at a similar level to Stillpoints and Isacoustics…of course I might be wrong but it’s not cheap to experiment with these things!

I do like the fact that the stillpoints can be fixed to the case, the ones i use dont, but they do stick to both the case and the glass shelf off the naim, by suction, this is fine as it holds them in place, but can be a bugger to remove them, as they stick very well

Definitely not. I think it’s important to satisfy oneself that something makes an improvement, and then learn to enjoy it.

One of my favorite features is their ability to replace the OEM feet.

Anyone else very sorely tempted to try the Wilson Audio Pedestal?

One of the stock images has it on a Vivaldi :wink:;

I can hardly restrain myself. A steal at $2,225 for three. Or $13,350 for a Vivaldi stack if you want to keep to the four feet per box. I guess one could compromise by swapping to three feet and spending a bargain $8,900.

Anyway it’s time now ( by my Patek Phillipe Grand Complication) for my $100 Wagu beef burger!

( OK, I suspect that for some of you guys that is your reality).

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:rofl: YOLO (apparently).

I actually laughed out loud when I first discovered those. A steal indeed! :rofl:

And Pete, I like a good Wagyu on special occasions, but :sniff:, I’m an Omega man. :wink:

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@PaleRider did you find that the Stillpoints improved the performance of your Vivaldi?

We auditioned a set of Stillpoints 5 plus footers under our ATC 100SEs and found the overall effect to be a considerable worsening of the sound - in particular upper bass recessed. It really was a very noticeable effect. Our hifi guy, himself a fan of Stillpoints, felt that they can be site specific and worked well with some kit and less well with others.

In an earlier thread with you about balanced power supplies I mentioned Quiescent - formerly Vertex. We have found that their footers under our Rossini and clock to be a noticeable improvement on the supplied feet. For our ears!

Having just added a Melco N10 to the mix the overall sound quality has taken a sizeable leap forward - again to our ears.

I wonder if the dCS elves have any Christmas presents for us? Rossini V3 would be very festive :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Not sure what Santa might have for the Vivaldi and Bartok owners.

In reality I’m more Swatch and Quarterpounder with Cheese :grin:

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:+1: (And Swatch does own Omega.)

Certainly makes my £200 feet look an absolute bargain

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Archie, yes, primarily at higher volumes especially with some decent bass. My cabinetry is well-damped, so at lower levels, I cannot say that the difference is significant. I’m not entirely surprised at your experience. I think the effectiveness of any isolation solution is very speaker- and site-sensitive. I’ve heard more than one person tell me that isolating their speakers did not improve sound. No doubt, the design of the speaker has something to do with this. I also think the interaction of substrate and flooring matters. I have a concrete substrate and medium thick carpeting. Underneath my Valors, I replaced the heavy duty metal and rubber feet with Stillpoints Ultra 5 footers. These had been on the Aeris before. These speakers simply do not need to be, probably shouldn’t be, floor-coupled.

I think that has to be the case. It may particularly interest Archie but I have used Isoacoustic pucks to isolate my ATC active 50s. These are not the tower version but the “Classic” ones ( i.e the domesticated studio monitors). These are (big) standmounts. The original stand is completely open frame but many years ago I had custom stands made from Welsh slate which have a speaker platform. The pucks ( from the professional range) go between the platform and speaker base and thus prevent vibrations from the speaker hitting the platform and then being reflected back into the speaker. The improvement was not subtle in any sense. One of the largest improvements I have experienced from a single change although in this year I have been fortunate to experience a number of major gains with both sound and musical quality.

The big problem was getting the speakers exactly lined up with the platforms and pucks. It was a four man job ( two lifting and two checking different aspects of the placement - once you hit the pucks their suction with the 49kg of each speaker means that you are not going to be able to remove them easily. There is no jiggle room, its a one shot thing).

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That sounds impressive Pete. I love Welsh slate. I have two little peg games made of slate that I bought there back in 1981. One of my and my daughters’ favorite games.

Very interesting replies guys @PAR and @PaleRider

Our floor is suspended covered with solid maple planks. We found after a bit of experimentation we got noticeably improved results using DMSD pucks - an Italian manufacturer. They were a recommendation from a previous hifi chap.

So taken were we with their contribution we added their version for subs - again with good results. Previously the sub transmitted a lot through the floor.

The pucks are pretty sticky on the bottom so like Pete’s experience a bit tricky to line up the speakers properly and once sited with the weight of the ATCs bearing down on them, they are not for moving.

I read about the Wilson version a few weeks back. The review was complimentary but they are certainly expensive additions especially if you factor in 4 per item. I would be curious to hear them.