Vivaldi Apex Network Bridge Advice

Hi have joined this forum in readiness for a planned Vivaldi apex dac purchase,I just need to understand what is the best solution with regard to a network bridge.Whilst I have several hundred CD’s on my NAS most of my listening is from Qobuz Studio or Radio (Radio3 & Classic FM)…coming from a Linn DS I am used to these being readily available through there control software.
The Vivaldi Apex will replace a Linn Ds & have had numerous DS’s since 2007 so need to understand the control options with moving to a DCS DAC…
Any advice appreciated


Fantastic DAC, you will always enjoy your listening sessions.

You need a streamer, the dCS Network Bridge is great, using Mosaic or Roon.

You get a Network Bridge, you enjoy, and one day, when you have the money, you buy a dCS Upsampler. But Vivaldi DAC and Network Bridge is already a great set up.

Paul, what @ChrisK says is correct.

The control for Network Bridge and all other dcS products is Mosaic. It offers control of UPnP, Qobuz, Tidal, Deezer, Spotify and a huge selection of online Radio stations. As you are a BBC Radio 3 listener you will find that it gives UK listeners the service in its highest format of AAC 320 kb/s. There may be an update to Mosaic n the future as it enjoys ongoing development.

To play your ripped CDs you may need to install MinimServer 2 as UPnP server software on your NAS . This is what dCS designed Mosaic to work best with. Other UPnP server software can give unpredictable results though I understand that Asset works fine. I do suggest buying the annual subscription as it is a very small amount to pay and adds features not available from the free version.

Network Bridge works excellently in both function and sound domains with Vivaldi Apex. I used the combination ( albeit pre-Apex) for some time. Yes, Vivaldi Upsampler is a little better but not hugely IMO.It is unfortunate that DCS had to cease production of it due to circumstances outside of their control ( price increases in parts and raw materials).

Thanks for the information Pete & Chris much appreciated I think my confusion was from reading that the bridge wa now a legacy producy…the way to go would be an upsampler but that would be above my budget so I guess it will be either find a used or x dem bridge or look at third party…nearly all my listening is Qobuz Studio so will need to find the right solution that would not affect the sound…

You are correct . Used Network Bridges do emerge from time to time but have held their price. Still much cheaper than an Upsampler however. Qobuz via NWB is excellent ( everything else being equal) so no concerns on that ground.

It is water under the bridge, but the NWB was (is) a fine piece of equipment:

After purchasing an ex-demo dCS Vivaldi Apex dac I didn’t rush for the Upsampler Plus and/or Master Clock. Knowing the dac is ‘only’ part of a digital playback system given the price these days I looked into alternate possibilities and stumbled upon a used Aurender W20SE at irresistible price.

I now kill two birds. Upsampling availability, clocks in sync with Vivaldi’s word clock output (master) into Aurender’s clock input (slave) using dual AES.

Would the use of a dCS Vivaldi Upsampler and/or Masterclock outperform my solution? Dunno, but I still don’t feel any need to figure it out, it’s that good!

And last but not least: Aurender’s Conductor app is terrific!

I think that the benefit of the Upsampler is greater than the clock. With the Upsampler you will use your dac at the maximum of its possibilities.

Adding the clock would give you the ultimate performance. The Aurender is certainly a good piece of gear, but it cannot compete with the Upsampler at making the most of the Vivaldi dac specifications.
So, Upsampler first and then clock.

Or dCS Bridge second hand+ DAC+ Clock, you miss the upsampling, but some say that it is not a drama to get rid of the upsampling…
If you find a dealer to test the different possibilities and send your feed back here, some forum members, including me, would be glad reading you.

I watched your pictures, your setup is great already, congratulations.

You could also buy a secondhand melco. This would let you stream, plus store your ripped cd’s and store downloads as well.
I used this method for streaming before i eventually got the upsampler, and now the melco is just used to store all my ripped cd’s on, and my downloads from qobuz.
The streamer in these sound great as well.

I really doubt that, did you ever compare both in this configuration?

No I never compared these configuration. But I guess that dCS built the Vivaldi Dac and Vivaldi Upsampler to play in perfect symbiosis.
I think at the clocking synchronisation between the two, and the double AES/EBU management, the upsampling also…May be other things I don’t know…
But a listening comparison would be the best way to assess which is the best set up.

In the longer term, this is on my radar anyway (with and without addition of the Vivaldi Masterclock). I am well acquainted with the nearby local dCS dealer so such an appointment is easy, time will tell if it’s worth the €€€…