Vibex, the best power block so far

Hi everyone,

I’m in a process of up-grading my power block the Nordost QB8MKII but I’m not a fan of filters, every time i try filter i felt that something was taking off the music, more than just noise.

On my search I saw a brand that until now I didn’t ear about it and even their website does not talk in detail about their products. Is the Spanish brand Vibex.

I was listening to their top of the range without filters, the Vibex Platinum Power Block and it sound very very good.
The build its top! The chassis is made in something they call Krion, it sound like something of out of space :sweat_smile:

I will put the the specifications in the pic but is very well spec.

Also it promises to sound even better because it was a out of the box unit.

It was also the first time i saw a manual to correct install and take more of your power block and your system.