Using Plexamp with dCS?

I am a long-time Roon user, I have been a lifetime subscriber since July 2015.

Given Harman bought Roon, I was incentivized to find a plan B if Roon were to go away. This doesn’t look to be the case so far, but nonetheless, I am exploring good plan Bs.

One such plan is Mosaic - I run Minimserver on my office macpro and that works very well. But Mosaic is not the slickest thing out there and only works with my dCS Rossini APEX. Plus it does not support Tidal Max at this point.

I am looking to building a Plexamp endpoint out of one of the Raspberry Pi 4 I have lying around.

My questions to this forum are:

1- Have you used Plexamp with your dCS streamer and how?

2- Is the rpi4 a good solution - over USB?

3- Any other means to use Plexamp into the dCS streamer that I am missing?


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@miguelito the plex app and the plexamp app interface nicely with dcs. Although cds are my 1st digital source, quobuz my 1st lazy choice and fills in easily for keeping track of “newly found” music, prior to upgrading to vivaldi from paganini, plex and plexamp were my only streaming source. My endpoint for plex is a stand alone dedicated server. I have never used raspberry pi. It is simply wired to the network via cat5. My wife and i both have plex pass and find it particularly handi for longer trips on the road, having access to an extensive portion of our music library. I have about 10000 cds on the system and i control how they are grouped and filed. Thx to @PAR years ago i found dbpoweramp as an excellent rip/confirm tool as eell as metadata search tool. To be specific quasifree apps like pandora kinda play what you may like. Quobuz allows you to play a playlist or scan things you may have selected as you go. Plex or plexamp access your personal library displayed as you have them sorted. A bonus for me is the ability to attach a home tv tuner providing access to local tv while traveling. My primary tv source does not broadcast local tv to their mobile app and sporting events like nfl are easily broadcast to a hotel or car radio. B

What server are you using to enable Plex to play to your Vivaldi?

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@miguelito minimserver

I don’t understand… Is Plex in this case acting as a control point? That is: Minimserver serves your local files and the Vivaldi plays these files via UPnP, with Plex only acting as a control point?

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@miguelito im not certain that i can describe this very eloquently but in my system plex software (server) is loaded onto a computer in my case a pc. With some basic settings, plex displays on my pc audio (or video) folders with photos and descriptions much like roon. It manages the database that i have loaded on my pc and is sortable by artist/ category/ genre/ etc. It also searches for other suppliers of data but mostly video and with the small one time membership allows it to travel beyond your network. The client is on the receiving end when plex is used on the receiving end such as your phone. I have the client on my pc as well and use it as a player locally as well.
Then i believe minimserver does the handshake with upnp on vivaldi.

On my paginini this was done with usb but on vivaldi it is transmitted through the network by cat5 from anywhere. In my home the server is housed 75 feet away in a server room. (ie i can play my plex server through my buddies rossini after logging into his network). Plex of course can be played by the plex app or plexamp (client apps) on your phone or any device like smart tv or xbox with the app. Minimserver is not required for these applications.

Plex or plexamp are also apps (client) on the playing end like your cell phone or ipad. You end up with a roon like arrangement. There is a server and client arrangement. Hope that gives you enough data to assemble a intelligible solution to your question. B


You could buy a used or entry level Innuos server ( I have a Zenith mk3).

Although I’m also a lifetime Roon subscriber and use Roon I have tried Innuos’ Sense App with their server run in UPNP mode ( I believe they use Asset as the UPNP server). Although I use Qobuz I believe you can access Tidal Max through Sense.

Although not as good as Roon the Sense app is decent.