Using Lina clock with Rossini?

Just curious whether anyone has tried the Lina clock on the Rossini. Potentially a lower-priced alternative to the Rossini clock? Anyone have any insights on the technical differences between the clocks?

Fred, I don’t have a Rossini DAC, but I do have a Rossini Clock that I use with my Bartok, and a Lina stack, side-by-side over the last 3-months.

I’ve tried the Lina Clock on my Bartok (but mainly the Rossini Clock on my Lina DAC); the difference is too small to detect consistently, and even then, unless you have the two Clocks side-by-side to compare, you’re not going to be missing much.

IMHO, go for it. :+1:t2:


Thanks, that’s interesting! So will you be going with the Lina and letting go the Bartok/Rossini Clock? Makes a tidier stack, at least. :slight_smile:

I can give a bit of insight here.

The Lina Clock uses 1x OCXO and 1x VCXO locked to that, for 44.1k and 48k respectively. The Rossini Clock uses both as VCXOs, so carries out the temperature compensation differently to the Lina and as such has a more complex production process that involves the PCB being run through an environmental chamber to log performance against temperature.

By contrast, the Lina Clock compensates with the heating element on the 44.1k crystal, so does not need to go through that process. My understanding is that the process used with Rossini (Vivaldi Clock is the same) does ultimately have the advantage. I haven’t personally carried out listening tests on the difference between them though.

The Rossini Clock also has clock dither, which further pushes the performance higher. It also has the third output that can be connected up to a source device such as CD transport or a compatible streamer, so is more flexible.

Ultimately, either will be a really good addition to the Rossini DAC performance wise, and if you can do without the extra features of the Rossini Clock the Lina would be a great pairing.


Possibly, though I haven’t quite decided as yet :grin:

Looks like dCS ran with your idea :wink:

(From Canjam Chicago)

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Hi Anup,

We ran a number of “combination” systems in our headphone room at Munich and decided to do the same at CanJam so that people can listen to a number of different combinations - we don’t (can’t) cover every combination but hopefully a selection of the more commonly requested ones. :smiley: