Using innuos sense with dCS network bridge

Hello all! I have been using roon to run my innuos zenith mk3 through dCS network bridge into mark levinson 585 amp and dac. It is connected by Ethernet from zenith to bridge with an aes cable. My roon subscription is nearing its yearly end so I thought that I would try the innuos sense app as it has good things said about it and obviously as an innuos owner it is free. So my problem is that when I open app it reads as not connected to the dac. Am I missing something or is it as simple as that I need to reconnect the zenith to dac with usb cable thus rendering the network bridge redundant? I am inexperienced with network audio insomuch as I do not understand why when the server is connected to dac via roon it would not be using innuos sense.
Would be most grateful if anyone could point me in the right direction to enable me to use this innuos app and run through the dCS network bridge too if possible.
I enjoyed the sound of zenith into dac using iPeng before purchasing the network bridge and using the aes cable from bridge to dac ostensibly to get away from the usb cable limitations.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Chris

What you intend to do changes the role of your Innuos from a NAS with UPnP server software to a USB streamer.

When used as a NAS the Innuos is serving files to dCS Network Bridge and, therefore, the control app is dCS Mosaic as Mosaic is the client that requests the files from the server. When used as a USB streamer the Innuos is no longer serving files to Network Bridge but is playing out the file in real time directly to the DAC for analogue conversion. As there is no place for Network Bridge in this the relevant control app is Innuos Sense. Network Bridge cannot recognise anything to do with Sense as that is dedicated to Innuos just as Mosaic is dedicated to dCS. So using Sense and Network Bridge together is not possible. BTW, the connecting cable from Innuos to Network Bridge is an ethernet or network cable not AES. Innuos Zenith 3 has no AES output port.

So you need to make a choice; Innuos USB streamer connected to your DAC by USB and using Sense or Network Bridge with Innuos as UPnP server with network connection plus whatever connection you use to your DAC ( is this where the AES connection comes in?) using Mosaic .

I will leave the Roon question to someone else as I am not a Roon subscriber and have limited knowledge of it.

Hello Pete and many thanks for your informative reply! Was very kind of you to be so detailed. I half realised the error of my ways as when I added the network bridge it had necessitated the removal of the usb cable and as you correctly worked out the bridge was connected to the dac with the aes cable. The innuos to the bridge with an Ethernet cable etc.
I am not sure whether sound quality wise whether I am better sticking with the Innuos through network bridge or reverting to Innuos into dac via usb. A friend had suggested the NB as a decent upgrade and I do love the sound but cannot help but think that somehow Roon inhibits, hence me trying to come at it from a different angle. Anyhow I am sure that I will have fun trying out some different combinations.
May I take a moment to say that over the last 12 months or so I have greatly enjoyed reading many of your posts. Both informative and fun so many thanks for that. All the best Chris