Using a dCS Upsampler for USB in to SPDIF out into regular DAC

Is it possible (or indeed wise) to use a dCS upsampler as a high end SPDIF converter, thus making the most of those wonderful clocks in the upsampler with the excellent flexibility and UI possible from a computer front end (best of both worlds)?

For example - connect a Computer to the USB input of a dCS upsampler, which then uses its superior clocks before running SPDIF out into a regular non-dCS DAC of my choice?

Would the digital stream that comes out of the upsampler using a regular computer front end equal that of the dCS Network bridge alone (which doesn’t need a computer to stream music) via the SPDIF out medium?

Or would the computer become the serious weakest link despite the re-clocking?

Or in a similar fashion, use the SPDIF out of a Squeezebox Touch - into the dCS Upsampler which I see accommodates SPDIF in - then SPDIF out into a regular DAC for improved sound than directly from the SBT?

… anyone know ? Sorry I am totally new to the dCS architecture so just checking to see if this is feasible and yield good results or not.