USB Cable solved

I just wanted to share with fellow members that I recently bought this USB cable knowing that fiber optics are not prone EMI interference and was pleasantly surprised what it did to entire presentation.

The effect is eye-opening. It just does not better anything; it just tells you how contamination affects the signal. I would encourage all those who use USB input on their DACs to get this cable and most probably, it will put and end to your USB cable related endeavors.

In case you weren’t aware, these cables do no[t] provide galvanic isolation from your USB host platform.

If you look at Cosemi’s cable spec, you’ll notice they use the term “ Hybrid Active Optical Cable (AOC)” - that “hybrid” part refers to the fact that there’s a copper conductor connecting both ends of this cable, I believe for grounding and power purposes.

There are quite a number of manufacturers who make virtually identical cables, which started with Corning. They’re all built on the same low-power low-cost electro-optics and VCSEL technologies.

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Yes, Anup, I saw that but when I tried this, what came to my mind was that I should keep science in my closet :slight_smile: and believe only in hearing. I know about Corning, it wasn’t available as easily as Cosemi was.

And, thanks for always sharing something new, such as VCSEL, this time:).

I had similar high hopes using the Corning USB Optical cable from a couple of years ago, unfortunately it didn’t help to not get me off USB as quickly as I practically could!

Nothing has changed my view that USB is the Audio interface of last resort only (like TOSLink) :grin:

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Agreed. There are similar HDMI cables, though I hasten to add that no comparison should be made between the two; completely different of course. Anyway, I tried them between various boxes in my home theater system. They generally failed to perform at all, and I returned all three I tried. As I use USB literally only as a last resort to connect the Sonore Optical Rendu to the Legacy Wavelet (no network or other digital input besides Toslink), I am not inclined to invest in that sow’s ear.

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I clearly mentioned that this was for those who use USB on their DAC; not expecting anyone to convert to USB. USB has been least preferred input that is widely known.

I myself do not use USB on my Debussy but instead use Dante route to use USB to AES conversion. When I found this cable affecting this chain of mine, just for the sake of knowing, tried on USB input of Debussy and yes, it improved the experience in that area as well so, thought would share with fellow members here.

You did indeed. No argument with that. And for clarity, I wouldn’t want my post to be seen as disrespectful of your suggestion. For those for whom USB is a requisite, or heck, even preferred, this might be worth considering. My own experience with Cosemi fiber HDMI would not be encouraging to me, which is why I shared it.